Inflated but Deflated

I have had another couple of days with similar problems reoccurring. My tummy has been bloated and sore and I have feelings of urgency to have a bowel motion which tends to be mostly bile, air and blood.

Although it is not the same pain as before its so similar. I contacted the Endo nurse and she said she would try and bring my follow up appointment forward as I had concerns.

I am going to push for a colonoscopy because I need to know for sure if the Endo is in the bowel or not. If not I need t understand why the bowel bleeding is happening if my womb and bowel are no longer stuck together.

Although I understand HRT will effect my body and possibly bleed whilst i settle down (if this is the right HRT) I dont understand the bowels involvement.

If my womb is the problem irritating the bowel I will consider having a full hysterectomy. I wanted the surgery I had to make a change in my life for the better and I don’t want to continue battling with bleeding.

My consultant knew that and thats why he chose a combi HRT that was a non bleed. But it doesnt always work for everyone.

I am deflated at the idea that this hasn’t sorted the problem but I have to fight on to see if i do get better further down the line with the HRT.

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