Pain has increased and is down low on pubic bone, around back and bowel bleeding has increased. 

I have a lot of pressure on my low bowel and I am having stabbing pains up my rectum and cervix.

The period blood keeps changing between dark brown and bright red. 

During the night the low down pain was making it hard to get comfy and in the morning I was having to rush to the loo numerous times.

I got upset as I feel like I am going backwards after the op, getting back to me for 2 weeks and now I feel like no one really understands why I am having these problems and no one seems to know the cure. 

I read that some ladies have internal hemeroids which which the swelling of the internal organs cause the hemeroids veins to thin and bleed when you pass a motion. The problem with this theory is that I am bleeding without the motions too. 

If there is no Endo in my bowel please someone tell me why I am bleeding!! 

Everyone keeps telling me to be patient and that the HRT could still settle down, but what if it doesn’t….. what if I keep feeling like this?

I am off to the drs this afternoon to ask advice. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to call my bowel? Do people find this happens and then it stops or is this a sign the HRT isn’t right?

Just want some answers as this isn’t what I wanted. I was prepared for the menopause symptoms but not the bleeding and return of pain. 

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