Day at a time

The morning are pretty horrid at the moment. Within 10 mins of getting up my cramps start which lead to small bowel motions(with blood) which make me bleed vaginally. 

These cramps happen several times until my pain killers seem to calm them or it could be the HRT. I have no idea what’s doing what now. 

I am so tired all day long and have a lack of motivation. Today after my pain killers kicked in I did some sewing and pretty much didn’t move for most of the day until it was time to walk my aunts dogs. 

I did some digging with a trowel in the garden and laid a piece of slab to help her move the mobility scooter through the alley way. Whilst I was doing it I felt a little pain or pulling on my right side. 

Anyway I took the dogs out and as I was walking pain started to ache on my side and back. After the walk I came home and ate a banana so I could take my next pain killer. 

When I went to the toilet I noticed my urine was red. I was a little unsure if this was vaginal blood washed down but when I visited the toilet twice after it was definitely the urine that was red.

The pain in my lower side was a bit stabby as well as one near my urethra. I think I may have moved too much or the wrong way when I was gardening which had irritated the stent.

I have read online that it is somewhat normal to have some blood in your urine and stent pain especially after physical exercise.

I am due to have the stent removed on the 24th so I am hoping all is ok. I will see if the bleeding passes in the morning. 

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