That’s a relief

Well I had hoped to have my hubby in with me to hold my hand but unfortunately he wasn’t allowed in to the room. I had to strip off my bottom half and lay down as if I was about to have a smear. 

The nurses were nice and explained that what they were about to do was a bit like hook a duck at the circus. 

The inserted a camera on a tube in to my urethra which was very stingy and uncomfortable but once in and positioned was ok. It was interesting to see the inside of my bladder as they filled it with water and had a good look around to check all was healthy.  You could see the coiled end of the stent which is when they inserted a small tube like tool down the camera pipe and positioned the tool next to the stent. They then opened the end of the tool to grab the stent, then they simply pulled it out. This part was a little stingy but over fast. 

The stent was blue and about a ft long. I felt a release of pressure in my side almost immediately, and the urge to wee for about 40 mins after. 

Immediately when I got dressed they gave me an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin which I take straight away just once. I was told I may have a bit of bleeding for a while and I should drink plenty to flush through. 

Within half an hour of that I began to feel rather nauseous which I imagine is the mix of the pain killlers I took before and the antibiotics. 

Looking forward to getting home and having a lay down and I am glad I booked day off to chill. 

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