Today i have begun making some changes.

A friend contacted me and made me realise I am not doing myself any favours by hiding away and not talking to people. I have spent too much time sitting in my comfort zone, complaining that noone understands but not explaining it to anyone.

Its very easy to trap yourself in that bubble…….

I have never been very good at taking help or offers of peoples time. I dont like to feel like I am boring them with my moaning. Alot of the moaning i am doing is internal therefore noone feels involved.

By turning down offers of seeing people all I am doing is isolating myself. I think I am helping myself by staying away but its actually the opposite. I have alot of people i need to reconnect with.

Since I had my stent removed my bladder feels so much better, less pressure and waking up during the night. I am having a light period at the moment, with the added extra of bowel pressure and occasional bleeding. I am getting sick of it and I cant wait to see the surgeon on Wednesday to talk through my options and next steps.

HRT may be a no go, so i will need to do some more research into alternatives and health risks. I also need to know if patches would be better in regards to ongoing release of the hormones rather than a tablet that may run out. It feels as though in the evening and morning my symptoms are worse which would make sense if the tablet has work off.

Still no news as to my bowel investigation appointment.

My hubby and i were discussing the options we felt would be next for us whatever the diagnosis.

If they find Endo in the bowel;

Next step is Bowel surgery and temporary Stoma. Do I have my womb removed at the same time?

If they dont find Endo in the bowel:

Why am I bleeding and in so much pain? Do I stop HRT? Do i have my womb removed? Are there any further options?

There is so much to think about but before i can make any choices I need the investigation. More waiting!

One thought on “Changes

  1. Sending support your way! I’ve been isolating too. I know it’s not the best thing, but I haven’t felt like being around other people. And then I feel lonely and unsupported. Not good. You have tough choices ahead and a difficult situation. Hope things will become more clear and that you’ll feel better!

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