Op follow up 

Well I saw Dr Guyer and he think my bowel had been upset by surgery. He explained that there was a lot of involvement with the bowel, and scraping away Endo from the outside. 

He thinks it’s likely the bowel has got very inflamed and become over active. He doesn’t think the hrt is a factor and thinks Endo inside the bowel is unlikely due to what he saw in surgery.

 He is still sending me for a colonoscopy to check what’s going on and prescribed Buscopan 4 times a day to help me cope. 

Just wondering how long I will have to wait for the appointment!

3 thoughts on “Op follow up 

  1. Yes I hope your symptoms start to get better soon! It does sound like your bowel is really inflamed and extra sensitive right now. I wonder if it might help to just have a very basic diet for a few weeks and cut out possible trigger foods such as gluten and dairy just in case that might help. Do you also enter what you eat on your app you use to track symptoms? Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference. Hoping things get better soon!


    1. Hi, I tend to eat mostly gluten free anyway but I am still eating dairy. Maybe I should cut that out too. The app does track food and symptoms and food doesn’t seem to make a lot of different to be honest. Stress does so I am trying to stay calm, which is hard when you are back and forth to the loo every hour! Thanks for your message xx


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