I am really struggling with it all. I feel that no one knows what’s wrong and keeps guessing. 

Today has been pretty awful. I have been back and forth to the loo every hr today with cramps that are getting stronger, blood, bloating and mucus. 

I feel constipated but nothing but the off tiny movement will come out. I feel like crying and just wish someone could tell me how it make this stop. 

I really think it’s the hrt that’s doing this to me and I want to stop it, but then I am scared of the consequences. 

I am tempted to stop it for a few days and see what happens and if there is any difference. I have also been reading that hrt patches are sometimes better because they don’t have to go through the stomach and liver. There’s so many choices and opinions out there but I just want a life! 

Do I make a choice for myself for self preservation? 

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