I think there have been some small changes today. I think the bowel bleeding has slowed and I have had loose movements instead still ever half hour.

I have a headache which has lasted all day which feels like it’s hormone related. I have been dozing between runs to the loo. 

I got to the gp and explained everything that’s been going on. She had chased my surgeon 3 weeks ago for my notes and still hadn’t had a reply. 

She was also shocked I hadn’t had a physical examination when I saw him. She examined me and found some small hemeroids and further up a point where it was painful and sore, she mentioned possible fluid. She has referred me for a ct scan whilst I am waiting for the colonoscopy. In the meantime she is going to phone my surgeons secretary and ask them for further support for me. 

We discussed the hrt and she said that she thought I had made the right decision to stop it. And that there is a chance it’s hormonal. 

I have some suppositories to help with inflammation and I think my toilet trips have reduced a little this afternoon. I have had a couple of hot flashes today too which may signify the drop of hormones. I think my vaginal bleeding has slowed too. 

I really hope that things are going to improve soon. I am off for blood tests tomorrow and another day of rest. I want to make sure I that I am able to get to the loo safely before going back to work. 

I have emailed the Endo nurse to let her know what’s going on and I await a response 

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