I did my suppository which was interesting as I had to try and hold myself to not go to the loo for a couple of hours! I managed it and other than passing some of the wax coating afterwards it was painless.

I managed a bit of dinner as well and a calmer evening. I also managed to sleep through about 6 hrs and it wasn’t too urgent to go when I woke up. 

I had a small bowel movement which had a bit of mucus early morning and around 10am. I did the online shopping and put some washing on. I felt a bit more with it and minimal discomfort. 

Things are definitely slowing down but I still worry a lot going out. I went to tescos to pick up a prescription and now I am waiting for my bloods to be done.

I am feeling a bit of pressure but it’s not too urgent so I am trying to resist giving in to quickly.  I will do another suppository when I get home and can lie down for a while. 

I have a bit more of an appetite than before but wary of what I am putting in to my tummy. I really hope this is a sign of everything stopping now and I can start to more forward! 

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