6 days off HRT

I went back to work today and although I was a bit scared about accidents I was ok. I get really niggly tummy after everytime I eat so I have had small bits of food throughout the day which has really helped. I enjoyed being back into the routine of work and some normality.

At lunchtime I had my telephone counsellor appointment. She was please with my progress in talking to people more and how I was processing things around me. 

I definitely feel a lot more on top of things today and in quite a good mood. I am getting more done. I bought some osteocare vitamins with calcium and vitamin D to start to support some of the menopause changes that will occur. I am not going to start these for a week or so to let everything calm down. Although I am not sure whether to start the evening primrose first. 

I think the thing that’s most on my mind is the upcoming tests, when they will be and if I will need further treatment. I am hoping that stopping the hrt will be enough and I will start to feel more like me. Well me with a few menopausal symptoms!

I am eager to move forward and concentrate on my marriage and some quality time together. Also making plans for out future. 

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