The last few days have been interesting. As my body adjusts to the lack of HRT I can feel changes happening.

So far I have experienced:

Hot flashes – on and off not too frequent at the moment.

Night sweats – feeling over heated at night but again not all the time.

Itchy feet – on and off

Achy legs – especially in the mornings

Headaches – every other day or so

Fatigue – very tired quickly

Oily but dry hair. – gets greasy quick and fuzzy after a brush.


Mood – Calm but sensitive

Bowel – Regular

These have been pretty manageable so far and I will start my Osteocare supplements this week and see what happens.

I had a Trans-vaginal scan this morning to look at my bowels, the only thing they can tell from this is if there is fluid pockets anywhere. The nurse could not see any fluid and was happy with results.

I need to sort out exercise and so far I have looked into local leisure centres and clubs and the facilities and prices. I have ordered a couple of books from Amazon on ‘Natural menopause’ and Exercises for Osteoporosis’

I have been more focused when it comes to getting bits done and I have found that my approach to family events is more positive. I had a lovely afternoon with family and I was comfortable talking about my experiences and I even had a cuddle with a cousins baby. I have been feeling excitement for my sister and meeting the new arrival in a month or so. The baby shower is next weekend and I have collected gifts ready for the event.

I enjoyed the cuddle and it didn’t make me feel upset. I think I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I wont carry a baby and I am slowly making my peace with it.

My husband and I went out for something to eat on Friday night and I bought him a new wedding ring to match mine as a thank you for being so supportive and amazing through all of this.

Although each event made me exhausted it was great to feel that we had been out and achieved something.

I still have a long way to go in becoming comfortable and confident in my body and intimacy again. I think I feel like my body has become a medical thing, tests, medicines have taken over rather than feeling sexy. I know this will come back in time, and I am asking too much of myself to get back on track straight away.

I am now awaiting the colonoscopy although I am pretty sure that this will show up nothing after having such drastic improvements since stopping the HRT.

I just want confirmation and when i know everything is ok I feel i can make some forward steps.







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