I had a phone call from the colo-rectal nurse yesterday who had received my referral which had been pushed through by my gp. It had been agreed for a colonoscopy and now will be send to the Endoscopy team. My case is down as urgent but will take up to 8 weeks to have the appointment. I now wait for a letter telling me when to come in. 

Meanwhile I am more regular than I have ever been, and still having minimal physical problems. I haven’t taken pain killers in a couple of weeks now and hot flashes are on and off. 

I am struggling with intimacy, and confidence but I think that will be a gradual process as my hormones change. 

Hubby and I are going to increase our time without tv and technology,  more cuddles and take one day at a time. 

I am taking my yakult every day and my liquid osteocare. In a couple of weeks I will look to add in some omega 3 and soya. But I will wait and see what symptoms i am suffering at that time. 

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