Starting from today….

So from today I start walking every lunchtime!

I am very unfit and i get tired so easily, and this combined with the risk of osteoporosis heightened with menopause it was time to start off with something light.

Its recommended that you walk for around 10 minutes a day, so i started by timing myself walking along the sea front for 7 minutes and when the alarm went…i walked back.

I made sure it was a brisk walk and no stopping! It helped that the weather is beautiful today.  It felt good to be getting proactive with my health.

My sisters baby shower was yesterday and it went well. I managed to enjoy seeing her surrounded with friends and i think it helped that i was involved in the decoration and organisation. At the end we had a lovely hug and I felt that my effort was appreciated.

I was exhausted after but proud of myself for handling it quite well. I have had a few moments today of reflecting on the fact I wont get to experience this myself but I am excited to be a Auntie.

I cant wait for our little break away in a couple of weeks just my husband and I to focus on each other, and reflect a new beginning. I have a long way to go in restoring my confidence and intimacy issues but I feel we have made a little progress this weekend.

I just need to remember its baby steps and i will only go as fast as I want to and feel comfortable to and time is a great healer.

The realisation of the fact i will only be here for around 9 months more in the Country is in some way sad and terrifying but in others a relief to be heading in a new direction and start for my husband and I.


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