Step by Step

Another walk today along the sea front….this time in the other direction.

Symptom wise I am doing ok.

Hot flashes are still irregular and night sweats are occasional. My tummy seems to be coping despite the amount of bad food i had at the weekend.

Keeping up with my Osteocare liquid twice a day, and my citalopram 20 mg. Some fruit which includes Prunes every day too.

I have had a few misty headaches and days where the word i want to say in a sentence comes out as another word beginning with the same letter! Apparently a normal sign of menopause and although frustrating at the moment I can laugh at it.

At the moment I have no spotting or bloating and down to just wearing panty liners 🙂

Main symptoms for me at the moment are occasional anxiety about my body confidence and intimacy. I am sure this is a normal thing to experience while the hormones balance out.

To be honest I expected to feel worse but I know its early days in regards to my body adapting.


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