Pre assessment 

At my hospital appointment I was given my bowel prep (laxatives) and strict instruction on diet and timings. 

On Thursday and Friday I must have a low fibre (low residue) diet. This means no fruit, vegetable, seeds or nuts. 

On Saturday no food at all, only clear fluids. So I can have clear soup (stock), jelly (not red) clear juice, squash, tea and coffee without milk etc. I take my first picolax at 12pm, and another at 4pm and 8pm. 

From 6am Sunday I stop drinking all together. 8am I will have my colonoscopy. 

She explained that I would have a cannula to give me sedation drugs and entinox if I needed it. Then they would use the small camera and look for polyps, lumps, diverticulitis, piles or colitis. While they are doing it they are able to take biopsies if necessary. 

This will take about an hour and with waiting time etc it should be about two hrs on total. I am not allowed to drive for 24hrs or be alone for 12hrs. (Hence the early app) 

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