A good start

Today started well with a morning cuddle that I initiated. I think I need to be more forth coming with my affection. 

At work I was quite busy and I had a lot of challenging pieces of work that took a lot of focus, I did few slightly overwhelmed at times but I managed to reign myself in and get things done. 

I had an email from my Endo nurse checking on my progress and she said that the choice of supplements were good. And exercise is important. She also recommended the site ‘menopause matters’ for advice and support. 

At lunchtime I had a walk and a long chat to a relative about what’s been on my mind lately. It felt good to be able to open up about things. 

When I got home i made an effort to be affectionate and after dinner we went and sat on the beach while the sun went down and walked along the front. We cuddled, held hands, and joked together. 

We talked about other places we could visit at sunset and it felt nice. 

When we got home we felt we could relax, the things didn’t go on straight away and I felt that I could go off to bed and that we have achieved something with our evening. 

I hope we are on out way to recovering some of the missed quality time and the connection we may have lost in our escapism in the tech and tv.

I feel a lot more relaxed tonight. 

One thought on “A good start

  1. Sounds like a good day. I hear ya on the escapism of tech and tv. We’ve gotten into a lot of bad habits lately as a couple of spending a lot of our free time zoning out watching tv/on our phones or him playing video games and me reading. We have to make an effort to spend actual quality time together, such as going for a walk without distractions.


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