My last Picolax sachet was at 8pm last night and it was a bit more uncomfortable. It got to 10pm and I was still running back and forth but I really needed to try and get some sleep. I settled down but I was awake at 12, 3 and 5am needing to go and with a horrid headache..

I drank water throughout the night but at 5.30am  started to vomit up the water, this happened twice and I phoned the 24hr helpline at the Endoscopy Apartment. They told me to keep going with fluids ad come in as they may need to get some fluids in to me.

The journey was not very nice, I felt so sick and weak, and just generally unwell. When I arrived I was taken through to talk through the procedure and test my blood pressure. I told them that I had vomited and felt sick and they said that can be normal, and that after the procedure I would be able to eat properly again.

I was then told to get changed in to hospital gown and some ‘dignity shorts’ which were material with a velcro flap at the back. I was taken to a bed on a small ward where they put the cannula in and and I was to wait for the dr.

The doctor came and walked me down to the procedure room, I laid down on the bed and they asked me to lay on my left hand side, put on the blood pressure cuff and they administered the drugs through my cannula, It included Buscopan, Fentanyl, and Midazolam.

The doctor put the camera in which was fine, but as he tried to get round thee first curve of the bowel it was uncomfortable and he said that he couldn’t get the scope past. They had to move me to another room with a smaller camera.

Although it worked better I was in a lot of pain each time he negotiated a turn and pushed the  scope through further. I was shaking and crying out. I vomited twice whilst on the bed. They gave me more pain killers but it was awful and at one point I asked them to stop.

Luckily they managed to get to the end and as soon as the scope was out the pain was gone. Throughout the nurses were supportive, and reassuring. The doctor himself apologised and explained that due to the type of surgery I had been through that involved the bowel it makes it really hard for them. He said that this is usually the same for women that have had a hysterectomy as the bowel drops down.

He recommended that this wasn’t a procedure he would suggest me having again. I was taken to recovery to rest and shortly I was bought some tea and biscuits. I felt very sleepy and I managed a little tea and half a biscuit. The cannula was taken out and I got dressed. Another doctor came and explained the difficulties they had and gave me notes and information leaflets.

He also told me that the bowel was clear and normal!!!

On the way home I threw up my tea and biscuit and really felt rubbish. So I took some rice cakes up to bed and some water. I ate one rice cake had sips of water and had a little nap. I kept that down so repeated. After a couple of hours I am very dosey and have a headache but I have managed a couple more marmite rice cakes. I think if I take it slowly I should be back to eating properly tomorrow. I am very relieved that its over and I am sure I will be more excited about the results when the meds are out my system and I have re-hydrated.

So I am having a quiet afternoon in front of the tv and dozing on and off.







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