Bundle of joy

Well a new arrival has been welcomed into the family. I have a beautiful little nephew born on the 4th July.

I am so unbelievably proud of my little sister for the way she coped throughout the pregnancy and birth.

She has been so natural in taking on her role as a new mummy which i knew would be the case.

I have mixed feelings at this time. On one hand I feel the pride, excitement and love for this new little life in our family. In the other I am feeling  sense of disappointment that I wont get to experience the feeling of carrying and delivering my own baby. The amazing feeling and emotion of holding your new child. That part has been the most craved for me.

I was fearful of the first time I met and help my nephew. How would I feel? Would I cry?

Well I can safely say I felt proud, almost scared of this tiny helpless individual. My sisters my precious item in all the world. I watched my sister and her partner and how natural and protective they were. I envy that family unit.

I thought it would scare me off but no…. I feel I want to be involved and crave another cuddle. I want to help but this somehow feels like I am no longer the older sister because I don’t have the knowledge of this experience to advise her.

All I can do is offer support and make time to be there.

I guess this is the point I cone to terms with the fact I don’t have my ovaries, and that this isn’t an option for me but I do have the opportunity to give a loving home to another child,

At this time my hubby and I are concentrating on each other, getting closer after all we have been through. I am starting to get used to being well. Hot flashes are still around and very strong at times.

I had a blood test last week to test my levels and see if I am needing any extra supplements and I am waiting for a bone density scan to see what health my bones are now and what starting level I am at as I cant take hrt. The doctor suggested that I could re try the hrt in a yrs time as by then I will have better idea of hormone levels and a starting place.

I have been taking menopause support, calcium and vit d and evening primrose oil which definitely helps but I forget to take them sometimes and I notice when I miss some.

I am starting some Personal trainer sessions as the end of the month to help with bone strength.

My hubby and I are putting plans into place with his parents for our move to Australia and taking time to increase our intimacy at our own pace.

Things are on the up I hope.




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