I am so hungry all of the time! Sometimes i feel physically sick with hunger.

I am trying not to give in to it too much but its so hard. I will go back to weighing myself every week to keep an eye on things. Hot flashed are still going on but are significantly less when i remember my supplements.

Tiredness is much the same and I am awaiting my blood test results to see if anythings amiss.

I have noticed a change in my urine (before starting the supplements) and i think i pee more in quantity and sometimes there is a smell i dont recognise. I am trying to keep my fluids up and see if that helps.

I am still struggling a bit with constipation. I have stopped the normal bread in my diet and trying soda bread instead. The urge to go is less and i can feel pain in my bowels as things move but i never go a decent amount.

More veg and water is probably the answer so i will kick that up a notch.


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