I am going through a stage of worrying what the future will hold for my long term health. 

My teeth have starting to bleed when I clean them and I am getting some new sensitivity which I think may be down to a few new holes. I have always had gone dental health so this is new. 

Also the joint pain is particularly bad in my hips. I can’t walk far without feeling pain. It feels almost like the joint are dry and I seize up quickly. 

My Hubby and I are getting out and about more recently but my stamina did to the pains I am getting is making me feel old before my time. We joke about him pushing me round in a wheelchair on our old age, but deep down I am terrified that is the direction I will be going. 

I feel between a rock and a hard place as the hrt is important but just isn’t good for me. There must be more knowledge out there on what I can do!

I have a bone density scan tomorrow to find out what condition my bones are in now and how urgently I need to look into hrt alternatives.

I am back in to the drs this afternoon as I think I have an infection. My discharge is different and my bladder has been in uncomfortable and urine has been a bit off. I have been quite bloated as well which had  calmed down a lot after surgery. 

I am frustrated with this as I was jus getting comfortable again with intimacy and this has made me weary again. 

Hot flashes are continuing but seem to have good and bad days. Better when i am calm and if I have remembered my menopause supplements and calcium/vit d. 

Hair continues to be dry so I am reducing washes and using conditioner instead. My excema comes up inside my elbow when I have a particularly hot night. 

It’s my birthday next week and instead of excitement I feel a bit down about getting older. 

I have a lot of questions on my mind lately. Will I end up having to try hrt again? Is there a chance it will work next time if my body has had time to adjust without hormones? Is there cream hormones I can try to work in intimate areas and joints with can help but won’t stimulate the Endo. 

Just so frustrated that one illness seems to be under control but brings on a whole new selection of concerns to deal with and challenges to face. 

One thought on “Fear

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. There are some more natural alternatives to hrt I think. I accidentally bought one in Germany actually! I was looking for DHEA which is a hormone to improve egg quality and my pharmacy sold me this: https://www.amazon.de/D-H-E-WILD-YAMS-Kapseln-60/dp/B00EXBJUKI/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1500554136&sr=8-6&keywords=dhea
    which is a natural thing that women take during the menopause apparently!

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