Words of advice… 

Some useful advise a relative passed on to me which has made me think:

I’ve just read your recent blog entry and I have some thoughts re HRT.

You may remember that I used to work for a consultant who was heavily into HRT and the menopause- I was always typing up letters to patients and after a while you soak up loads of information. I also chose to be on HRT to help with my menopause.

If you go through an early menopause, it is absolutely essential to take hormones until you are at least 50. This is to protect your bones, skin, hair and keeps your mucus membranes healthy and moist. I had a long and difficult search to find an HRT that suited me. I tried every one in the book until I hit on the one that worked for me. Then when my ovaries packed up completely, I had to start the search again, because the original drug kept giving me thrush. In the end I had the lowest dose possible and cut the pills in half!! Doctors tell me it’s not really enough hormones but it works for me!

I tried patches – which worked well until I changed my meds for psoriasis and then my skin became allergic to the adhesive.

I really think it’s worth persevering to find out what works for you. There are gels, patches and pills. I also used an oestrogen pessary, called vagifem – this apparently keeps everything nice and pink and healthy inside. You should aim to try out a new treatment for three months as there are often some initial side effects which go away when you’ve been taking it for a while. 

Hope you find this helpful xx

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