Further Updates

I haven’t really felt like blogging recently, I feel like I am repeating myself and boring the life out of people.

I am certainly tired of hearing myself complain. Don’t get me wrong I am so very thankful for what the operation seem to have achieved for me. But it has bought on a new fear for the future.

Lets start with the Vagifem. I have used this for 7 nights in a row and now I have to reduce it to every 3 nights from now on. I have felt it significantly improve the general everyday comfort and health down there. I also felt that my mood has improved slightly with them. Even my bone/joint pains have lessened a little.

Its made me re think the HRT a bit lately. I think it may be time to look into trying a patch instead of tablets and see if it changes the way i react to it due to being absorbed differently. I have felt unsupported after my surgery due to the fact the GP has not yet received my operation notes even after 5 months. This has made it hard for the GP to prescribe and advise properly.

My bowels are slow and need triggering a little with some senna every few days. I have been struggling to drink enough water due to just being too busy to remember. I added an app on my phone which pops up a little reminder to drink more. So far its helping. I can feel the tightness of my bowels alot recently and i think its due to not enough fluid to soften the stools.

There has been a lot of cock ups with appointments for my sigmoid scan which has now meant i have to be re referred through the GP to get back on track. Although I do have an abdominal scan to have.

I am still waiting on the results of the swabs I had taken, and the bone density scan. I have managed to get an appointment with my Endo consultant in a couple of weeks to discuss everything and get some help in regards to my notes and further options.

I am generally exhausted at the moment and feel that no sleep is enough. I get stressed at night whilst trying to get to sleep and always wake up at least once during the night.

At the moment I am having jaw pain which i think may be down to grinding my teeth at night. I am seeing the dentist on Tuesday to talk about possible teeth guards and some holes that seem to be developing in my teeth.

I am now fearful of my long term health being effected by the loss of Oestrogen this young a the changes already have been massive in a short space of time. Hopefully another try on HRT might be different now that i am without any of my own hormones in my system.

I start with  Personal Trainer on Saturday to help me with general fitness and bone strength. I am nervous as I am not very active and get tired quickly.

On a positive note my hubby remains supportive and we are getting out and about a lot more together. I am enjoying being an Auntie again and the cuddles and love from my little nephew.

At times its hard like when a distant relative congratulates you when its not yours, or when you have a selfie with your husband and nephew and you realise that could have been you and your little family.

But when I hold him I feel calm and happy, he seems to be relaxed in my company and that makes me feel good. I am looking forward to experiencing some of the new baby milestones and closeness as this will be a stage i probably wont get to experience for myself.

Bye for now




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