I just came back from an appointment with my Endo Consultant which was very interesting, but first heres a quick summary of whats been happening as its been a while since I have blogged.

I made an appointment with my GP to discuss my swab and bone density results, as after 2 weeks I hadn’t heard anything. My vaginal swab was normal which proved it was just the lack of oestrogen. My bone density wasn’t quite as positive. Although of my bones looked good, my left thigh bone looked thin. The GP said she felt that I was at high risk of osteoporosis which meant I should try HRT again and take on extra calcium.

We discussed the fact that a HRT patch may be better as it doesn’t go through the digestive system. After discussion with my hubby I decided to go ahead and try.

So I started the Evorel Conti patch. I started this last Wednesday using half a patch, I have used a waterproof dressing with it when I shower as I wasn’t sure if it was in half it would be effected by the water.

My hot flashes have are quite strong but they are less often,  I have had some redness to the skin on my chest and really bad wind (embarrassing)

My bowels are feeling like they are pulling a lot when it passed through, and backing up causing a lot of pressure and splitting.

Today I had an Ultra Sound to take another look and they struggled to see the end of the bowel, they suggested that Dr Guyer might want to do an MRI if he wanted to double check

My hubby and I came in to the Consultant appointment with a lot of notes and ready to ask all the questions we had in our mind. We told him the problem I have had getting help properly at the GP as they still hadn’t received a confirmation of the fact that I had an operation. He seemed very shocked and immediately went and copied me the last few letters they should have got.

He said from the colonoscopy and Ultra sound notes that I was suffering from narrowing of the bowel, which happenes from residual endo scarring which almost shrivels the bowel into itself making the stools harder to move along. The only fix to that would be removing that part of the bowel and doing a resection, but this comes with many risks and can harm the bowels function. He said stool softeners and not too much fibre in the diet was crucial.

We discussed why the HRT starts off the bleeding and bowel problems and he said the residual cells/scarring can be kicked off from the hormones. He reassured me that I should go ahead with the HRT patches and if it triggers again I could safely come off the HRT and try a mix of exercises, calcium, vit D and Glucosamine. Also Turmeric is excellent apparently. He said that there was no evidence that without the HRT my risk would not be any greater for osteoporosis as the supplements are just as good.

We talked over whether not having a Uterus would make my choice of hormones any easier but he said whether I had the Uterus or not I would need the same HRT as although I didn’t have my lining I would still have dormant Endo that could be woken up with just Oestrogen. He said that he thought that the MRI would not be needed and he was reassured that the problems I have are due to narrowing of bowels and hormones.

We talked about our pending move Australia and he recommended a Endo Dr that he knows and he promised to email me further information about him.

I came away feeling a lot more clear on options and understanding that now its about managing and not curing.

So I will carry on with the HRT and see if it works, if not I have options.




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