Hello Endo my old friend………

I have been on the patches about 2 and a half weeks, the first week was half patches and then stepped up after confirming with the Consultant they were correct for me.

I have had some grumbling guts last few days and his morning the Endo woke up!

I felt the familiar cramping, urgency and passed blood and mucus.

I am disappointed but I was expecting it. This means a re think is needed.

I have removed the patch and I will await the symptoms to settle down and decide what route to take next.


This could be the end to HRT as it is the trigger to these problems. Now I decide if to reduce again or try creams, perhaps an even lower dose or HRT every other say might be the way to go. Although the hot flashes hadn’t disappeared they were reduced as well as other pains like joints.


I also have a bit of a cold which is making me feel so manky, skin, lips and hair is yuck too! Think I need pampering but all I feel like doing is sleeping.


So frustrating as I was making progress with a few things including confidence and now its back down.

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