There goes the hrt…..

Well it’s taken almost a week but I think the hrt is out of the system. I have a headaches, really irritable and stressed feel shattered and starting to ache on places mostly the jaw at the moment.

All the bowel bleeding and pain has gone, just a tight tummy and things are drying out a bit down below.

I am going to continue the vagifem for a few days and then alternate every few days.

I have sat here this evening with my Hubby planning the supplements I am going to take and which to start first.

I want to make sure that I stagger the starts do I know which one works or perhaps doesn’t agree with me.

So far I have:

Jointace -Glucosamine, ginger, vit c and magnesium.

Fish oil

Colecal – calcium

Black co hosh.

I also plan to get pro biotics and start a new plan with the exercise.

I will start with the Jointace tomorrow

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