I have been so busy and there has been so much going on lately. I have barely had time to think about how I have been feeling symptom wise. Today I have had a relaxed afternoon and i

am re evaluating where I am.

I have been surprised that the hot flashes have been there but not as often as before. I got very hot just before I go to bed and I am waking at about 5am each morning and struggling to get back to sleep.

My skin is very dry and I have some new excema patches.

Yesterday my mood was up and down, one minute excitable and the next low and anxious.

I have been taking the glucosamine since Thursday and I would say that it has seemed to make a different in joint pain.

I feel I have become a bit rounder in the tummy and hips. And my scales agree with me! It doesn’t surprise me as my appetite is random and I am eating more when I am hungry.

I will be keeping and eye on it and gradually building up the exercise.

I am loving the time I am spending with my nephew and the trust my sister has in me to care for him..

it’s an experience I am so glad to have.

At times I am still not sure what I should be feeling about not being able to carry a pregnancy, I just know that I have so much to offer and if I can’t share it as a mother, I will share it as a sister, aunt and carer

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