Well the last couple of weeks have been interesting.

My Endo consultant has left which I found out from another of his patients. I was terrified at first but in thinking about it a bit more perhaps it’s a sign that his work was done.

I am confident I have gone as far as I can with surgery at the moment and I hope that i won’t need any more.

Since stopping the hrt and beginning my supplements so far the glucosamine and the calcium are doing their job.

Hot flashes are there but maybe a handful of times a day and I am dealing with the better.

My excema has flared up on my arms which I think is down to sweating at night, but even that is less severe than it was.

I am hoping this is a sign that things are levelling up.

My Bowels have been pulling, but it passes gradually over the day, and I continue to eat as gluten free as possible.

I feel in quite a good place at the moment and I have been able to go out and do more things lately. I can make plans again to see people and take breaks away with Hubby.

My confidence is still not that good, and I have put on a little weight but I hope that it will all settle down.

I still use my vagifem every few days to keep things comfortable, and my citalopram each day. I may have to change my dose to later in the day as I am getting very sleepy on my journey into work in the morning.

I do get tired easily but I can manage it better when I listen to my body and take a rest when I need too.

I think now is the time I start to think about how I have changed, and will continue to change. Coming to terms with getting older and the new path we can write for ourselves from this point.

One thing may be off the cards but there is a world of possibilities.

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