Itchy and Scratchy

So the night sweats have finally caught up with me. My excema has flared, I itch all over, my lips are dry and my face is spotty.

I now have a variety of creams, some that I have not used since I was a child.

Last night I had to use socks with cute out toes as moisturiser bandages, and I can only bare cotton next to my skin.

I feel grubby and my hair greasy from the creams.

So here I am on a cold autumn night with the window open and an ice pack as o prepare for bed. Other than all that I have been coping ok.

I had a big clear out on Saturday which turned out some of my old baby clothes I had saved hoping to use for my own. I also found a picture of the rainbow fish I had kept for a nursery.

I couldn’t bring myself to decide on what to do with them.

I took a break from the clearing out and had a hug and a chat wth Hubby.

The next day I felt strong enough to bag up the clothes for charity.

I think if I take everything a step at a time I should be ok.

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