Irritated and Agitated seem to be the words of the day… or maybe week. Focusing on the less interesting tasks is much harder recently.

Hot flashes have good and bad days. I can spot certain things setting them off like when I am feeling stressed or coming in from outside.

After the doctor prescribing me Penicillin, Hydrocortisone and Cetraben my skin is finally looking clear.

I have to try getting back on to the supplements which I stopped panicking they had caused the problem. I want to get back to the gym to which again I stopped because I didn’t want to sweat on to my eczema.

My joints have definitely felt the lack of the supplements. I feel like I am seizing up.


I am finding myself getting very frustrated at certain things, especially if a task is taking me longer than I think it should and if I want to move on to something else.

I definitely have a shorter fuse at many things.

I am learning about myself as well. I have very little willpower or staying power and motivation when it comes to exercise, or healthy eating easily falling off the ladder or finding an excuse.

I don’t know where I can find that motivation either.

My tummy seems to be taking on some extra wobble although I am not putting on weight as such. I have had a lot of issue with bloating this week but I think that’s the anti biotics.


But all in all I consider myself very lucky, when comparing myself to other ladies on forums who are totally struggling to get to grips with hormone levels and some nasty symptoms.

I don’t know whether I have less symptoms because of the fact I still have my uterus, or that I have had a lot of problems throughout my Endo with hormones and health that I don’t notice it as much.


I have low days, exhausted days, energetic days etc but its manageable at the moment.

My main issue I think is still confidence, and I mean libido and intimacy.

Again that comes and goes but I do think a lot is psychological.

I have considered some hypnotherapy and my husband is being very understanding. I just wish he didn’t have to be and I could be normal!


Its been 7 months since my operation now which has gone very fast. I am hoping the main challenges have passed and now its about rebuilding life.

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