Its been a while since I have been on here and I feel guilty although I shouldnt as I have just tried to get on with life as much as i can and not complain.

Each day is still a challenge in some way but I am tackling things at my own pace.

Three weeks ago I changed my diet after doing alot of research into hot flashes and what makes them worse.

According to alot of women Sugar, processed food and caffeine are big factors in their regularity. Also more fish, veg, seeds etc were recommended.

I therefore have cut down to one cup of tea a day, no processed bars or ready meals, fish at least twice a week and added a breakfast mix of dried fruit, seeds, nuts and yoghurt to my diet as well as the usual mix of vegetables.

I definitely notice a big difference in the amount of flashes I have and their strength. Alcohol also makes a huge difference as well.

I have joined a gym and I am building up steam on the treadmill and step machines although a dragging cold has kept me away for the last week or so.

I have also started seeing a Hypnotist who also specialises in NLP, and CBT.

She is helping to deal with Anxiety, relaxation techniques and recently starting me on daily personal affirmations and self hypnosis techniques. This has really helped me to get to sleep quicker and sleep better.

I am feeling a little more confident and relaxed day to day. She will be moving me on to start working on some of my intimacy issues in the next few weeks.

I notice more joint stiffness when i havent been to the gym, but i havent been brave enough to try  out my Glucosamine again and the Calcium make me feel sick.

So i may just up my dairy instead and see what happens then.

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