I have had the cold/sinus issue that so many have been struggling with this year. Mine has now been bugging me for nearly a month.

On and off blocked nose, tickly cough, headache, runny nose and general tiredness. Just when you feel better it’s back worse than before.

I have slept for about 25 hours over the last 48. Mood has been low too. My hot flashes have been back with a vengeance.

The lurgy had kept me away from the gym too. So I am drinking loads of water and trying to keep the food as healthy as possible.

My husband said to me last night “do you think your hormones are effecting your immunity?”

Lightbulb moment! I looked online and yes the lack of estrogen really effects your ability to fight illness. I don’t know why this hadn’t struck me before.

After some forum questions a lot of ladies have to take various supplements to keep them healthy.

These include vitamins D, K and pro biotics. Also lots of greens.

So today I am back on the multi vits and I will take a trip to the health food shop.

Just when you think you have things sorted so another challenge comes.

The hypnosis therapy has helped a lot with confidence but I have gone backwards a bit lately with some personal challenges so I feel like I need to start again.

Feeling very cold and uneasy emotionally at the moment so I need to get back in track with the positives.

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