I booked today off work to go through some of the telephone calls I needed to make to utility, insurance companies to prepare for our pending move.

I contacted many places including;

  • Doctors
  • HMRC
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Phone provider
  • Pensions

I wanted to find out notice periods, charges and what each company needed to know.

By the end of the morning I had a more clear to do list. I definitely felt more organised but a little emotional.

I had lunch with my mum and she bought us something to have for our tea. It was lovely to spend time the two of us.

I think both of us find it easier to think of me going on a long holiday rather than leaving for good. I think that’s how I will try to look at it in my mind to help me move forward.

I chatted to my Hubby tonight and we have decided to have a trial pack to see what we have left over and what still needs rehoming and sorting.

Over the weekend I have had so many hot flashes. It seems that the day after I use a vagifem my body goes mad. Today there has been a lot less flashes but my legs, feet and hips are aching.

I feel very unfit and like I should be exercising but I just can’t find the motivation at the moment. I need to find an exercise I enjoy and can keep up the commitment too. I lose interest so quickly, perhaps the sunny climate will get me back some inspiration.

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