My big move

Hi All.

It’s been a while since I updated the blog for many reasons. So many things have been happening but the main thing is a move to the other side of the world!

A new adventure is always exciting but as well as the normal anxieties there is the one that includes what it means for my health, and what role Endo and the Early menopause plays in it all.

Over the last few months before we left the Uk I had experienced a lot of pain which was related to my lazy narrow bowel. The hot flashes were regular particularly at night. Emotionally I had lost a lot of confidence and my joints and bones were weakening. I was basically super unfit and no motivation to do anything about it.

Here I am sitting drinking an iced latte in Queensland reflecting on the past 6 weeks in Australia.

How am I doing?

Well travelling the other side of the works certainly doesn’t allow you to escape your problems and health but it does allow you to open you eyes to what is out there and the options available.

So I will start to share my journey again and hope that you will continue to follow.


I booked today off work to go through some of the telephone calls I needed to make to utility, insurance companies to prepare for our pending move.

I contacted many places including;

  • Doctors
  • HMRC
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Phone provider
  • Pensions

I wanted to find out notice periods, charges and what each company needed to know.

By the end of the morning I had a more clear to do list. I definitely felt more organised but a little emotional.

I had lunch with my mum and she bought us something to have for our tea. It was lovely to spend time the two of us.

I think both of us find it easier to think of me going on a long holiday rather than leaving for good. I think that’s how I will try to look at it in my mind to help me move forward.

I chatted to my Hubby tonight and we have decided to have a trial pack to see what we have left over and what still needs rehoming and sorting.

Over the weekend I have had so many hot flashes. It seems that the day after I use a vagifem my body goes mad. Today there has been a lot less flashes but my legs, feet and hips are aching.

I feel very unfit and like I should be exercising but I just can’t find the motivation at the moment. I need to find an exercise I enjoy and can keep up the commitment too. I lose interest so quickly, perhaps the sunny climate will get me back some inspiration.


Hi All

I have now added the following sections to my Website alongside my blog:

  • Endometriosis – List of information regarding symptoms, treatments and links to external sites.
  • Surgical Menopause – Learn about the menopause and the symptoms and treatments.
  • Fertility – Tips to increase fertility for women with Endometriosis.
  • Diet – Recommended foods to increase hormonal health.
  • IVF – Explanation of IVF and guidelines.
  • HRT – Explanation of the types of HRT available and research.

I will try and update with any articles or information I find on my own journey!

Updating blog site

I have been adding an info part to my blog website which gives details on what Endometriosis is and explains symptoms. There are also links to some informative websites, and forums. I will also be adding a additional page on the menopause and surgical menopause. If anyone you know is going through any of the above please feel free to share my blog. Thanks

8 weeks and counting

Wow this week has been exhausting!

What with the early morning hours, commutes and extra projects at work I feel so tired.

The only way I can get myself to sleep at the moment is watching Friends until I feel like I am drifting off. Even my Hypnotherapy track just makes me agitated and I start tossing and turning with the hot flashes taking over.

I am waking up between 3 and 4 am and my brain decides to run through scenarios, and stress over every day things and once o d get back to sleep the alarms going off.

After a week of feeling almost normal the sinus lurgy I have been fighting for a couple of months has drifted back. I have had a headache all week and today my whole face hurts.

I am waiting for some blood test results from the Dr but i havent heard anything.

On Friday  attended a work colleagues funeral. He was in his late 60s and such a funny, down to earth character that never failed to make you smile. He did alot of charity work and always saw the best in everyone. His family spoke about him so lovingly and I have been thinking about what really matters in life.

You look at what you have and what important. I have been thinking alot about how lucky I am with the people I have around me. They all appreciate the move I am about to make and understand the reasons behind it.

It was my husbands 40th yesterday and many people came together to celebrate with him, and i think he also noted how many people cared enough to come out and cheer him on.

Getting older is scary for anyone. You worry about your own health and losing the people you care about. My Endo journey will never end because how ever much I appreciate the loss of the periods and pain surrounding that I am left with the damage.

I will always have difficult bowels, scarring and the fear of osteoporosis. The hot flashes and the odd moods, and the fact I can not bare a child.

However I do have a family, friends, loving husband and a new adventure to begin. So although we arent able to do the traditional family thing we do have opportunities and a chance to create new experiences that we probably wouldn’t have afforded to have with another mouth to feed.

This doesn’t mean we wont look to adopt but we will evaluate what we want to achieve for ourselves first.

On Monday I am going to begin the paperwork side of the move. I will be phoning around insurance companies, drs, etc to find out what notice I need to give and what needs to be done next.

I think this will help me feel more organised as at the moment I feel like I should have more done. In reality its hard to get organised when you still have 2 months of life here to live.